Myo-Fit 2

Medel MYO-FIT 2 is a palmtop dual channel electronic stimulator for muscle stimulation (EMS) and pain relief (TENS). Thanks to its 125 programs divided into Sport (82), Tens (22), Fitness (21), it is ideal for both amateur and professionals. MYO FIT 2 is very simple to use and is equipped with 2 indipendent channels to stimulate wide areas or parts of the body with different intensities. Medel MYO FIT 2 is equipped with flexible electrodes to treat all the muscular areas.The large backlight display makes reading simple and easy.

Main Features

2 indipendent channels

125 specific programs: SPORT (82), TENS (22), FITNESS (21)

Ergonomic design and small size

Large and backlight display

Storage case

4 electrodes

Including batteries

Class IIa Medical Device.

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