Family Plus

Medel FAMILY PLUS is a piston-type compressor nebulizer system, very silent and easy to use, ideal for home use. It is supplied with the innovative double-valve-system Medeljet Plus nebulizer, granting high efficiency and minimum drug waste. Medel FAMILY PLUS is equipped with a convenient bag which allows to store the device and all the accessories after use. It is equipped with a complete range of accessories such as two soft-profile masks for maximum comfort during treatment and a nasal wash.

Main Features

Thanks to its integrated silencer system, Medel FAMILY PLUS is extremely silent (52dBA).

Supplied with Medeljet Plus nebulizer double valve system. Medeljet Plus is a high efficienty, breath enhanced nebulizer. The fine aerosol mist is produced using compressed air, the output is enhanced by additional air intake through the inspiratory (inhalation) valve which is opened by the patient inspiration. As a result, the nebulization output is increased only during the inspiration phase. The expiratory (exhalation) valve is opened by the patient exhalation. As a result, drug waste and drug contamination are minimized.

Soft profile masks for maximum comfort during treatment.

The kit contains: nebulizer, mouthpiece, nosepiece, nasal wash, adult mask with, pediatric mask, air tube, spare filter.

Sturdy case for travelling and transport.

5 year warranty.

Soft-profile masks

1,5 ml in 5 minutes

Extremely silent:52 dBA

Breath-enhanced nebulizer: minimum drug waste and high efficiency

Medical Device Class IIa.

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