Medel Family is a piston-type compressor nebulizer system.
The convenient and functional design makes Medel FAMILY the ideal de­vice for the whole family. The nebulizer ensures maximum speed and ef­fectiveness; it comes with a convenient bag which allows storing all the ac­cessories after use.

Main Features

Thanks to its integrated silencer system, Medel FAMILY is extremely silent (52dBA).

Supplied with Medeljet Basic Nebulization kit that guarantees high nebulization rate and efficiency.
Thanks to the Venturi effect, the air is taken from the environment though top opening in addition to the air supplied by the compressor, thereby increasing nebulization speed and decreasing treatment time. (0,4 ml/min).

The kit contains: nebulizer, mouthpiece, nosepiece, adult and pediatric mask, air tube, spare filter.

5 year warranty.

2 ml nebulization in 5 minutes only

Compact design

Integrated handle

Medeljet Basic

Medical Device Class IIa.

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